A Foundation You Can Build On 

Our Shock and Drainage Pads made for artificial turf fields are available in four different thicknesses (15 mm, 20 mm, 23 mm & 25 mm), ThermaGreen SportLite is designed to deliver enhanced performance, safety  and a simple and quick installation.

Resistant to mold, compression, cracking and premature degradation, ThermaGreen SportLite showcases leading durability and field stability. Our system is compliant with Proposition 65, California Title 22, EPA Guidelines and evaluated & approved by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety (OEHS).

Fabricated in rolls, the amount of seams in the playing surface is significantly reduced compared to panel systems, helping contribute to long-term durability.

Proven Durability

Optimal Drainage

Quick & Easy Installation

Leading Warranty

Keeping Safety & Performance in Check

Adhering to leading industry standards, ThermaGreen checks the box when it comes to safety and performance. Numerous installation featuring ThermaGreen have been successfully certified FIFA Quality and World Rugby. With proven results in the lab and on the field, you can count on us to deliver.

Just Roll with it

Manufactured in rolls rather than panels, ThermaGreen SportLite offers an easy and quick delivery and installation. Once on site, the rolls are opened, laid and seamed with an adhesive. Compared to a modular system, ThermaGreen could save a full day of labor and time.


ThermaGreen SportLite helps your project stay on time and gets your athletes back on the field faster.

SportLite Advantages

Built to perform for every sport

Outstanding impact protection and energy absorption

Long lifespan and stability with leading warranty

Exceptional vertical & horizontal drainage

Consistent low GMAX throughout the application

  • Engineered composite – surface geotextile with a secure bond to the pad:

    • Supports turf stability during and post install 

    • Effective filtration media restricts fines from blocking drainage

Improved project profitability, by reducing infill requirements and field maintenance

Customized roll lengths up to 210’ availableQuick and easy installation

Enhanced performance & extends life of turf

SportLite Shock & Drainage Pad Installation

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