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Our Story

ThermaGreen is a world-leader in providing innovative client solutions through the conversion of polyethylene foam materials into cost-effective and high-performing products and solutions. Whether your project is large or small, ThermaGreen can help you find a lasting solution that is both budget and planet friendly.

Planning From the Ground Up

As every field is unique, we offer a variety of systems to adhere to your program’s needs. When the desire for an underlayment system arises, ThermaGreen is the ideal solution for performance and value.


Our innovative shock and drainage pad system is designed to deliver enhanced performance and safety for your athletes. Driven to help your program and the planet, ThermaGreen is composed in majority of high- quality recycled content.

With full control of manufacturing and as a part of the Tarkett Sports family, you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered.

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Over 100 installations across North America


FIFA Quality, Quality Pro  & World Rugby Certified Systems


Composed of elite-grade recycled material


Save up to a full day of labor compared to  competing modular systems

Helping Reduce Your Impact

Recuperating Post-Industrial Material

​The process starts with us recuperating excess cross-linked polyethylene material (XLPE) from post-industrial manufacturing processes. In majority derived from the automotive industry, the material is of elite-grade and quality.  On average, for every field we install, we help divert over twelve truck-loads of foam from landfills

Material Is Shredded

Once arrived at our manufacturing facility, the content is carefully categorized and weighted to create a perfect balance of firmness and consistency. After initial sorting, the material is shredded to commence the manufacturing process. 

ThermaGreen Is Manufactured

The shredded material is integrated with a nonwoven geotextile and the foam is bonded together using our patented manufacturing process without the use of additional adhesives or chemicals

ThermaGreen is Shipped and Installed

Manufactured in rolls rather than panels, ThermaGreen offers an easy and quick delivery and installation. Once on site, the rolls are opened, laid and seamed with an adhesive. Compared to a modular system, ThermaGreen could save a full day of labor and time.

Repurposing of ThermaGreen

After the 2-3 synthetic field lifecycles, the ThermaGreen material can be repurposed into auxiliary products with the help of a partner. Aged ThermaGreen products have already been recycled into floatation devices, walking trails, park surfacing, cattle bedding and more.


Environmental protection and sustainability are part of Thermagreen’s core guiding principles. Everything we do, from manufacturing to installation is designed to comply with our values of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Our Products

Made from entirely new post-industrial PEX (closed cell cross-linked PE) materials, Thermagreen products are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.  Our efficient production process not only maximizes the lifespan of these valuable materials, but also prevents them from being burned needlessly or wasted in landfills.

Safe for both human health and the environment, Thermagreen products do not contain any toxic substances (CFC &HCFC) nor are any such substances used during the manufacturing process. Our products have also passed stringent and through industry testing procedures, including the Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SLP) for metals.

Leed Certification

ThermaGreen Environmental supports the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system.


This initiative offers building owners and operator’s tax credits for going Green. Many state-funded buildings are now required to implement a green design to receive funding. Our products contribute to the goal of LEED by helping your projects to qualify under the LEED rating system.

The ThermaGreen materials qualify under the following categories for credit under the LEEDs initiative:

  • Sustainable Site

    • Protect or Restore Habitat and Maximize Open Space

    • Storm Water Design

    • Heat Island Effect


Water Efficiency Credit

  • Material and Resources

    • Recycled Content

    • Regional Materials

    • Rapidly Renewable Materials

  • Energy & Atmosphere Credits

    • Optimize Energy Performance and Savings

    • Protect and restore habitat

    • Maximize open space

Environmental Services

ThermaGreen is proud to be an industry leader in the diversion of recyclable materials from landfills. We provide unique and effective remediation services for suppliers of cross link closed polyethylene foams (PEX). These services are not only a greener, viable alternative, but it is also a more cost-effective solution.

Since 2011, the combined effort of our participating PEX vendors across North America has resulted in the collection and diversion of 1.5 million ft³ of foam from the landfill, or the equivalent of 450 truckloads of foam.

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