Protecting Children From Falls 

Playlite is a Shock Absorption & Impact Attenuation Pad for the playground market that is made from pre-consumer cross-linked (closed cell) Polythylene foam (XLPE). All the XLPE material is new (not used) and with known ingredients and content. Cross linking is the process that changes the polymers to a thermoset product; this produces higher heat resistance properties, high chemical resistance and retains shape memory. Delivering constant performance, the material is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and micro-organisms. XLPE is made by OEM produces for various industries but mainly for the automotive industry who has to apply the most stringent health and safety standards. The XLPE foam provides consistent performance results for the shock absorption preventing athlete injury. 


You can trust the safety and durability of PlayLite to reduce the chance of children injuries. PlayLite will help surpass the shock attenuation properties required for your playground under ASTMF1292 and ASTM F355A for HIC and GMAX ratings.

Easy Installation

The quality and performance of PlayLite doesn't change with time, thanks to its firm and unique properties that it is made from. PlayLite panels are engineered for a fast and efficient installation; it is a simple solution for various surface treatments including synthetic turf, poured in place urethanes, and many others.

PlayLite Advantages

Uses the same Cross-Linked PE Foam that has been used for decades in the automotive industry due to the materials inherent (and long-lasting) shock attenuation properties

Projects using ThermaGreen PlayLite can obtain LEED Credits

ADA Compliant

  • Can be used in a variety of applications, in conjunction with:

    • Artificial Turf

    • Playground Rubber Tiles

    • Poured-in-place Playground Systems

Can be used for Multi-Use areas – able to withstand heavy loads and maintain shock attenuation

Uniformed thickness of shock absorbing surface is unchanged throughout the lifespan

The strong cross-linked molecular bond of PEX is resistant to weathering, mold and moisture

Light-weight panels (4’ x 5’)

Non-toxic and closed loop recycling

Maintenance free

Ship direct from manufacture

  • Fall Protection

    • 1” and 2” thick panels of fall protection padding to exceed the critical fall height of the installed playground equipment throughout the project

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