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Thermagreen Evapcover
5,000,000 million ft3

of core material has been diverted from North American landfills since 2013

ThermaGreen EvapCover™

ThermaGreen’s EvapCover is an innovative and effective floating cover system that reduces evaporation loss by up to 95% (ISO 11092-1993) but is also opaque to sunlight—inhibiting the growth of algae and other water plants. These types of systems have become popular in recent years, as environmental changes including declining rainfalls and higher temperatures place increased pressure on our current water resources. As water supplies become scarce, evaporation control on ponds and large bodies of water is more important than ever. Evaporation is best minimized by covering the liquid surface.

However, loss of water is not the entirety of the issue.  When the water evaporates, salt is left behind; so the salinity of the remaining water increases. The higher the salinity of water, the more problematic it is to use. Using an evaporation control cover will not only retain precious water volumes  and control mineral accumulation, but will also help prevent the contamination of water through the growth of plants/algae and windblown debris, which is especially helpful for water used for livestock.

Traditional evaporation covers usually carry significant expense and upkeep to maintain effectiveness. However, the unique design and material used to produce EvapCover™ allows for economical installation with little to no maintenance.  EvapCover™ is a permeable cover, meaning that it does not require pumping to remove rain water from the cover (usually a source of significant costs and labour), in fact the collection of the rain water will add to your storage in this system. Additionally, a cover weight system is unnecessary for EvapCover™, as winds cannot lift the cover off the surface of the water. Instead, a simple anchor system at the perimeter is used. The EvapCover™ system is a truly cost-effective way to prevent water loss from irrigation and water storage ponds in a host of different climates, including arid climates.  It is suited to a variety of projects including agricultural and raw water storage applications. Please contact a ThermaGreen representative today to learn more about the EvapCover™ floating cover system

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