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5,000,000 million ft3

of core material has been diverted from North American landfills since 2013


Environmental protection and sustainability are part of Thermagreen’s core guiding principles. Everything we do, from manufacturing to installation is designed to comply with  our values of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.



Made from entirely new post-industrial PEX  (closed cell cross-linked PE) materials, Themagreen products are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.  Our efficient production process not only maximizes the lifespan of these valuable materials, but also prevents them from being burned needlessly or wasted in landfills.

Safe for both human health and the environment, Thermagreen products do not contain any toxic substances (CFC &HCFC) nor are any such substances used during the manufacturing process. Our products have also passed stringent and through industry testing procedures, including the Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SLP) for metals.  


ThermaGreen Environmental supports the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED  (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system.

This initiative offers building owners and operators tax credits for going Green. Many state-funded buildings are now required to implement a green design to receive funding. Our products contribute to the goal of LEED by helping your projects to qualify under the LEED rating system.

The ThermaGreen materials qualify under the following categories for credit under the LEEDs initiative:

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