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5,000,000 million ft3

of core material has been diverted from North American landfills since 2013


ThermaGreen is entirely committed to the quality of our products – from the selection of raw goods to the end product that we ship to site. We believe that quality is more than a mindset—it’s a culture. Our employees are deeply passionate about protecting children, athletes and the environment, which we believe can be achieved through our products.

Every product that ThermaGreen produces is subjected to our rigorous internal Quality Assessment and Control program which includes testing each panel off of the production line, and also taking destruct samples to further test our products for density, geotextile bond, tensile strength and performance.

Additionally, the primary geotextile that we use is tested for tensile strength, permeability, elongation and UV resistance before it arriving at our door. We keep the geotextile roll certificates on file and track every roll number to the product that is produced.

We also subject our material to rigorous third party testing to ensure that our product meets the needs of our various end users – from HIC, GMAX and transmissivity trials for sport fields and playgrounds to permeability, UV degradation, evaporation loss and odour control testing for our floating cover applications.

This dedication to intensive trials and testing allows us to provide innovative and safe solutions for an ever-growing number of projects and installations. It also ensures our customers have the utmost peace of mind when choosing Thermagreen.

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