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Insulation And Drainage
5,000,000 million ft3

of core material has been diverted from North American landfills since 2013


Building Foundations

Water proofing of basements and foundation walls is only half the solution  when it comes to keeping these areas dry and leak proof. Foundation walls should have complete draining systems in place to relieve the hydrostatic pressure in order to extend the life of the waterproofing membrane, regardless of the source of the moisture. This issue can also be compounded by the damage caused by backfilling operations.

ThermaGreen offers the complete solution to these problems with our drainage and insulation boards. These drainage boards are lighter, provide faster drainage rates while also protecting against damage caused by backfilling operations.

Our drainage boards come with a non-woven geotextile that is physically bonded to one side, preventing fine particles from entering and causing clogging. Additionally, our product acts as insulation to below grade living space, keeping basements warmer and dry. R-Values are typically R-3.85 per inch, whether saturated or dry. Besides the energy savings and improved interior comfort, Thermagreen drainage boards reduce the risk of mould and condensation on cold basement walls.


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