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Impermeable Floating Cover
5,000,000 million ft3

of core material has been diverted from North American landfills since 2013


ThermaCoverTM is the market-leading choice for projects requiring an impermeable gas-tight floating cover system, including floating covers for algae and methane collection, oil and gas frac lagoons, evaporation ponds, waste lagoons, and water storage reservoirs.


ThermaCoverTM is made from closed-cell XLPE foam, which provides excellent buoyancy and thermal insulation properties.  These values remain the same regardless of the product being wet or dry. Even if the impermeable liner is ever compromised, the XLPE foam will not become saturated or degrade. ThermaCoverTM can be manufactured in custom roll lengths, providing job-specific fabrication and faster installation of an impermeable cover.


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