ThermaGreen is Making Discarded Foam Useful Once Again

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Even if you are an environmentally conscious person who believes in the value of recycling and reusing, chances are you haven’t stopped to consider the case of foam and its environmental impact. No worries though, because the team here at ThermaGreen has made it our job to do so. What we would like to do in this blog is to share of a couple facts about foam’s adverse environmental impacts, and describe what we are doing to re-integrate discarded foam products into society.

Why Foam?

With so many materials littering the environment, why would we focus on foam? The truth is the stuff is everywhere. Consider that:

  • Over 30 million pounds of post-industrial, cross-link and closed cell polyethylene foam by-product materials are generated annually
  • The majority of this material ends up in landfills
  • These materials can literally take hundreds of years to break down

Sobering facts indeed, but the good news is that these foam materials can actually be rehabilitated to once again become useful products!

Turning Waste into Something Useful

Our mission is about making something useful of these mountains of foam by turning them into affordable products. The great news is that these products can be used for a variety of different purposes and in a variety of different industries. From odor control systems in lagoons to construction projects and even sports fields, we can positively impact a number of industries while giving the environment a helping hand. That is what we call a win/win!

We know that at times the idea of working toward waste reduction and a cleaner environment can seem an overwhelming task. The truth is that the dye has not been cast in terms of environmental damage, because there are solutions at hand. What ThermaGreen is doing with discarded foam products is making a difference, and reiterates the truth that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.