The Truth About Recycling

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Recycling is one of the easiest things and most effective ways for us to respect the planet we live on. So why don’t more of us do so? Studies indicate that some 70 percent of Americans choose to recycle. That leaves an awful lot of people who don’t, despite the fact that they are generating as much if not more waste than those who do.

One of the reasons people cite for not recycling is that it simply takes too much time. It would be easy to chastise those who adhere to such a point of view, but that wouldn’t be a constructive way to facilitate change. As with most things, education is the key.

The truth is that recycling takes mere moments out of your day, and certainly takes far less time and effort than it does to unnecessarily produce more recyclable products.

Life is about the habits we develop over time, and recycling is definitely a habit. In a sense it becomes a sort of muscle memory type of thing over time. Though recycling may not be in the front of your mind today, it can in time become something you do every day without so much as a second thought.

The truth of the matter is that recycling isn’t time consuming, and it isn’t inconvenient. And if you think it doesn’t make a difference, you are mistaken. It’s too easy to say that recycling doesn’t make a difference, and the facts run contrary to such a statement.

Recycling saves energy and reduces waste in landfills. It preserves habitats for wildlife, preserves resources and reduces pollution. It can even help to reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions leaking into the environment, allowing for a healthier climate.

As you can see, developing a recycling habit has many wonderful benefits. If you aren’t recycling you will find no judgment here; just a suggestion from the team at ThermaGreen that you give it a try in your own life. You’ll feel better about yourself as you do your part in facilitating a better world!